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Can i plant flowers in late may & expect them to grow through winter & into spring?

I've already planted 'Alyssum' but was wondering... will 'Heartsease', 'Marigold', 'Snapdragons', 'Ageratum', 'shadeof white' %26amp; 'calendula' grow %26amp; bloom at this time? And what other flowers can i plant? Also, will 'pumpkins' (not squash) grow through winter as well? cuz im doing a vege garden!

thnx :)xx

Can i plant flowers in late may %26amp; expect them to grow through winter %26amp; into spring?
I think in large measure your answer might depend on your location/ZONE. Certainly a decent garden shop, local, will best advise what to grow, when best to plant, gestation/germination of seed, what best to plant as juvenile plants as opposed to seed, and what temps anything has a tolerance for.

No matter what you plant, unless you happen to be in a place like here in Florida, there will be months of dormancy, which does occur here as well. Perhaps a better question to ask at a garden center is, "What can I plant now, and will it SURVIVE a winter?"

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Just my two "sense"
Reply:Annuals will last the season.

Bi-annuals flower in the second year.

Perennials come up year after year.

Some of the Hardy perennials, i.e.Pelegoniums, will flower on through a mild autumn and stay green through a mild winter.

Growing flower seeds in a balcony planter did i plant them right?

the planters are 5 1/2 inches deep and 6 inches wide ... and 3 feet long. I put some old potting soil with styrofoam bubbles (from old house plants) on the bottom for about 2 inches, then i put 1 inch of new potting soil above it and place a variety of snapdragon, bachelor buttons, marigolds, and a wild flower mix throughout the planters, and covered all seeds with another 1/2 to 1 inch of new soil and watered carefully untill completely saturated.

.... the question .....

I have about 2 1/2 + inches of space from the top edge of the planter to the soil inside... is this too deep? should the soil surface be closer to the top of the planter?

Growing flower seeds in a balcony planter did i plant them right?
That should be okay, as you want some room for water to stay when you are watering the planter. Also, that will give the plants some stability.

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Does any one have any good tips for growing?

snapdragons from seed?? They have all come up. They dont even have the second set of leaves yet. When is a good time to transplant them outside??

Does any one have any good tips for growing?
If it is still windy outside your house, you will probably want to wait until the third set of leaves sprout and the base of the stem has a good thick husk. If its warm and mild outside, you could plant a few days after the second set of leaves sprout
Reply:Did you try using a germination mat to help? google GroForIt Report It

Does anyone remember those good old computer games of the 90's?

there's a few i remember, but can't find them on the web. it's like everyone's forgotten them :(

Snap dragon. there were different screens with stickers or something and you could click them and the did different thing. also there was a coloring book where you could color Snapdragon and his Friends. and there was "good music" always playing :D

also there was some cookie making game in my kindergarten days i don't remember much but i remember it was some animal creature (horse?) and you made cookies for him (with different buttons for sprinkles and icing and such) and then he'd eat them...

another one being some maze game where doors would open and you where looking for keys or something and there was some "glowy" fairy or something... does anyone know what i'm thinking of?

BUGDOM! i loved this game. everyone who was alive at this time bascially should remember this game as it was a favorite of the 5th graders :D

also SuperMunchers etc., some critters game, %26amp; Kidworks.

Does anyone remember those good old computer games of the 90's?
Lets see what I remember. Doom,Quake,Oregon Trail, Unreal Tournament, Duke Nukem, Mystic, and a few others
Reply:No not really no
Reply:Oregan Trail was the **** lol
Reply:I have a better question?how about those 80's and that Atari game?????hehehehe
Reply:not familiar, but I bet they are for sale on ebay

Reply:I grew up in the 80s-early 90s sorry.

Can't find the right combo of sun/water to get my potted snapdragons to bloom beautifully.?

I've tried full sun, partial shade, complete shade. I water daily. Does the temp. affect them? It gets pretty hot /humid in S. Jersey. Some bloom. Some don't. They look healthy. I've heard about "pinching". Don't really know what it means or how to do it. Thanks for your help in advance.


Can't find the right combo of sun/water to get my potted snapdragons to bloom beautifully.?
Hey Libby!

Snapdragons can survive the heat and humidity of the summer, but it stresses them to the point where they nearly quit blooming. They are usually at their prettiest in early spring and then again in the fall. Sounds like you are doing a great job at keeping them green. I like to put mine in morning sun and afternoon shade this time of year. In early spring and again in fall, they can handle full sun. Keep watering them as you have been and just ride out the heat.

As far as pinching, you can pinch the spent blooms at the stem just below the blooms. It wouldn't hurt them at all to pinch them back by at least 1/2 their growth right now. Since they are not blooming well, it will help them become bushier and could help reduce your watering since there will be 1/2 the plant to keep green. You will most certainly receive some blooms with the new growth.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!
Reply:snapdragon's are sun lover's.once established,they don't need much water.they don't like to be fertilized very much either. the first year is a little tough on you growing them.they wilt,yellow,turn brown,but if you stick with it they will be beautiful next year.they reseed themselves,and they will be right where you left can collect the seed's from them too,to start plant's for next year. pinching back mean's that if you pinch the tall growth,they will be smaller,bushier plant's.
Reply:Great answer from Cristy. Just wanted to add that snapdragons are what's called a "short-day bloomer". All plants bloom according to their photoperiod, or the length of time they get light in a 24 hour period. "Short-days" bloom best in the spring and fall because of the reduced amount of sunlight during those seasons. This doesn't mean that they WON'T bloom during the summer, but the number of blooms will be significantly fewer.
Reply:I have snapdragons that are in full sun and watered daily also. They have quite a few blooms but some don't bloom. I think the humidity does affect them. As for pinching I always just pinch off the dead blooms. It seems like they bloom back faster if you do that. Whether they are in sun or shade I don't think it matters. I think the humidity is what affects them.

Anyone know how to take care of snapdragons and tomatos from seedlings?

Yes. They need full sun, both of them. However, tomatoes need sun a lot longer and hotter than do snaps. The snapdragons appreciate cooler weather. You can fertilise them after their first bloom; otherwise keep them moist but not soggy.

Tomatoes need lots of water up to their fruiting. Once they form the small fruits, water a lot less or you will end up with watery tomatoes. This does not mean dry them out, but do not be as generous with the watering can as you normally would. They like a somewhat acidic fertiliser, or fish emusion does just fine.

Anyone know how to take care of snapdragons and tomatos from seedlings?
Not sure about the snaps, but if you intend on growing tomatoes from seedlings, I'd definitely be sure to purchase a grow light (full spectrum fluorescent bulbs). They are available at Walmart for around $10 including the fixture. Better yet, I'm using a seedling heating mat in conjunction as well to ensure that the soil temperature stays at an acceptable level for germination and early growth. If the seedlings start out weak, your harvest will be diminished!

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Websites that have pictures & info on different flowers?

Looking for websites with these flowers that shows a picture %26amp; tells you if they're annual or perannuals:

salvias, pansy, marigolds, dianthus, moss rose, begonia, impatiens, %26amp; snapdragons

Does annuals mean they only last that season, %26amp; perannual means they come up every yr?

Websites that have pictures %26amp; info on different flowers?

About annuals and perennials, you are right.
Reply: is a great website for plant id and info.